Success With No Salary was created as part of an Action Research Project that follows the relationship between winning percentage and payroll. It also investigates how low salary teams can still compete in the league even with the constant rise of baseball players' salaries. Along with its many other posts, SWNS does a weekly investigation on one of the bottom five teams in salary, where it goes into a detailed look at how each specific team is faring during the current season, and how bright its future appears to be. The main goal of this blog is to show the rest of the world that a high team salary does not ensure a high winning percentage, and vice-versa. SWNS is written and maintained by Jake Aronskind. He can be contacted here.

SWNS has been featured on one of the most popular sites related to baseball, MLB Trade Rumors. MLBTR explained our post about the Miami Marlins, in which we went into detail about the team's current rebuilding process.